Day 3: Garden Time!

We’re already almost a third of the way through Block A of the Summer Institute — time flies when you’re here at Morven! After class this morning, students took a stroll to the Morven Kitchen Garden. It’s always nice to stretch your legs after a couple of hours of class time.

Students take a break from class for some sun and fresh air.

At the Kitchen Garden, Michelle Rehme talked about the history of the garden and future plans. She also pointed out some of the spring season plants that are shooting up with all this rain and wonderful sunshine. Kale, broccoli, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, peas, lettuce – it’s all looking delicious!

Michelle Rehme talks about what’s growing in the garden.

Rowan Sprague told the group about the garden’s student CSA and the future farm stand on Newcomb Plaza at UVA – everyone seemed very excited about the farm stand. Rowan also talked about the garden’s new addition – bees! You can read more about Rowan’s research and bee project at the Kitchen Garden blog. It started getting pretty toasty outside so the class headed indoors to watch the documentary, Fresh, in Morven’s very own movie theater! With the documentary and the garden tour, students are getting an in-depth look at different food systems and how we can get more involved in growing the food we eat.

An early morning view of the Kitchen Garden

Halfway through week one here at the Morven Summer Institute and it just keeps getting better — tomorrow we will take a trip to Morven’s very special Japanese Garden and Tea House!

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