Day 4: Off to Japan

An awesome aspect of the Morven Summer Institute is this beautiful property that’s open for students to explore during their session here. Between the formal gardens, the open fields, and the Kitchen Garden, Morven is truly an amazing place! Perhaps the most unique feature is the authentic Japanese Tea House and Gardens that John Kluge had built in the 1990s. Today was a gorgeous day, so we journeyed to Morven’s own little slice of Japan for a break from class.

Exploring the Japanese Gardens at Morven

Students enjoyed learning about Japanese tea ceremonies, traditional building techniques, and the immense thought that goes into the garden landscape. Afterwards, the class took some time to sit and relax, journal and contemplate. Our mindfulness lessons from Day 2 were hard to ignore in such a serene and beautiful environment.

Students take in their surroundings at the Japanese Tea House

You can check out more photos of the Japanese Garden on our Flickr page! Back in class after the lunch break, discussions revolved around the government’s role in regulating our food and how the Farm Bill affects us as consumers and citizens.

If you think this week is going by fast, next week is going to fly!

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