Day 5: A Morning in the Garden

On Day 3, we visited the Morven Kitchen Garden and today, the garden was abuzz with helpers! Students have the opportunity to come work in the garden before class every morning and who would have thought that on the first Friday morning of Block A, so many students would decide to wake up early to help out.

Students helping out in the garden

We harvested kale, mustard greens, arugula, pea shoots, and other lettuces to deliver to a local restaurant and, of course, we did some weeding. Working in the garden and being surrounded by the sounds of bird chirps, turkey gobbles, rooster crows, and the occasional show from the pond’s resident swan really makes for a pleasant morning.

Students feast on radishes

Week one is coming to a close. So far students have explored the grounds, learned a lot, read more in a week than they probably ever thought possible, become a little more mindful, and gotten their hands dirty in the garden. All in all, it’s been a great week! After the weekend break, we’ll be heading down the road to the Local Food Hub’s educational farm, Maple Hill, to learn how the Hub is getting the community and youth especially to get involved in local food.

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