Day 7: BBQ in the Garden!

The title of this post is a little deceiving. The BBQ started out in the garden with high hopes that that dark clouds on the horizon would just pass over us. Students and guests from the UVA Foundation started arriving around 5:00pm and of course, that’s when we heard the first rumble of thunder and the first drops of rain. It quickly turned into a torrential downpour and boy, you’ve never seen an event get packed up so fast – everyone was awesome for grabbing food and helping us move the party to the Meeting Barn.

The first students arriving at the BBQ which quickly got moved indoors when the weather made a turn for the worse.

Though most people were a little wet, the Meeting Barn was full of good conversation, tasty food, and fun! It turned out to be a great evening even with the weather.

The BBQ after it was moved indoors.

Before everyone could chow down on barbecue, we had a jam-packed day. The class tuned in to the Farmers Market Coalition’s webinar on the 2012 Farm Bill to get a closer look at how this important piece of legislation affects markets, the farmers there, and us – the consumers.

At lunchtime, Stewart Gamage and Marie Schacht led a discussion on students’ ideas about future dorm residences at Morven. Some were psyched about having tents and enjoying the night skies at Morven, but most agreed that if they were to stay here for more than a night or two, they’d need more shelter than a tent. Student input will be crucial throughout the process as we do more and more research on renovating the barns on the property into student housing.

Hooray for another awesome day of the Morven Summer Institute!

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