Day 10: Final Presentations

It’s our final day of Block A! After a wrap-up lecture this morning, the class jumped right into final presentations. Students chose from the variety of topics that were covered over the past 10 days and were grouped according to the topic they chose.

All of the presentations were awesome! Almost every group had a food demonstration, a video clip, or props to help convey their ideas and engage the class.

Here are the groups and their presentation topics:

  • When Food Regulation Goes Bad – Erin Kennedy, Kay Song, Nicole Wrigley, and Kerry Wilson talked about democracy in food choice and individual liability, meat regulation, SNAP benefits, and raw milk regulation.
  • A Political Overview of the Agricultural Process of Eating – James Gray, Alex McCargo, Ibrahim Abu Khadra, and Whitney Armstrong presented on organic vs conventional labels, local vs industrial, informed decision making and mindfulness in eating, and how to get involved through political action.
  • The Green Revolution – Isabel Greenberg and James Yu gave an overview of the history, environmental impacts, democratic values, and social and political impacts surrounding the Green Revolution.
  • Childhood Obesity – David Aramony, Aaron Shepperd, and Andrew Strauss talked about advertising food to children, the lack of nutritious meals and sufficient exercise programs in schools, and the need for government intervention as a larger percentage of children are becoming overweight or obese.
  • The Farm Bill – Emily Heymann, Ann Laurence Baumer, and Josh Bland presented on the history of the Farm Bill, this year’s upcoming bill and how it affects us, and the lack of democracy surrounding the bill with the “iron triangle” and “revolving door”.
  • Waste: Three Perspectives – Christine Eidman gave an overview of three different forms of waste management: the “industrial” cycle, the “organic” cycle, and what she terms the “post-industrial” cycle.
  • The Informed Choice to Garden – Nancy Tappan, Miki Goetsch, and Amber Plair discussed global perspectives on gardening comparing the United States, Japan, and Europe. They also talked about closed and open systems and Nancy described her own experience with drafting a bill and getting it approved by the Virginia General Assembly.
  • Going to the Grocery – Abbi Sigler, Missy Matyas, Madison Jones, and Mark Delpierre presented their short film on food labeling in grocery stores, misleading health claims, advertising to children, and interviews with folks at the local Kroger’s about consumer knowledge.

The class isn’t quite over yet – students have their final quiz tonight and their papers are due over the weekend. Professor Freedman’s class has covered a lot of ground in the past 10 days. Outside of class, we’ve explored Morven, learned how to cook kale, romped around the gardens, and overall enjoyed this beautiful and truly unique asset of UVA.

Now onwards to Block B!

The whole group – It’s been an awesome 10 days!

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