Day 3: Full Speed Ahead

Things are happening out here at the Morven Summer Institute. Our two classes are only ten days but they cover an entire semester’s worth of work. So Day 3 means we’ve been in class for about a month in terms of a regular fall or spring semester. Though students do a LOT of work in these 10 days, it’s truly a wonderful feeling to come out after two short weeks with another 3 credits. And it’s certainly awesome to spend those 10 days out at Morven!

The Food and Nutrition class looks out over Morven.

Professor Lerdau’s Food and Nutrition class took advantage of Morven’s beautiful landscape this morning with a little adventure. They hiked through fields and forest on a journey to a corn field in order to examine bug life on plants. Students will use their observations of the corn field as a comparison to what they find in the Kitchen Garden. Here’s a true environmental science class for you! Morven has many faces and ‘research lab’ is clearly one of them.

Students examine corn for bug life.

For the Farmers’ Market class, the Charlottesville City Market will become students’ research lab this weekend. Today, they welcomed four special guests for afternoon presentations:

  • Leanne DuBois of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Elizabeth Borst, the Spotsylvania Farmers Market Manager
  • Jeff Adams, owner of Walnut Hill Farm
  • Libbey Oliver, the Williamsburg Farmers Market Manager

The guest speakers talked about their work in the local food sector and the challenges that growing markets face. Professor Denckla Cobb and Professor Freedman have lined up even more guest speakers for the coming week so that students can hear directly from market participants and decide where to best focus their research.

Leanne DuBois of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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