Day 4: Under the Japanese Maples

During today’s lunch hour, both classes joined together to explore the Japanese Tea House and Garden. Luckily, the rain and storms held off while we toured around outside. Even though it was cloudy, students loved seeing this special part of Morven.

Michelle Rehme tells students about the landscaping of the Japanese Garden.

Students explore the garden.

It’s almost the end of week one! We have a short day of class tomorrow (we know it’s a Saturday but we had Memorial Day off, so this is making up for it). Both classes will be at the Charlottesville City Market tomorrow. The Farmers’ Market class will have an early start at 6:00am and stay all day to do observational research. The Food and Nutrition class will make their way to the market around 7:00am. It’ll be an early bird Saturday!

The Farmers’ Market class welcomed more guest speakers today in preparation for their research projects. Adrianna Vargo, Director of Farm Services and the Educational Farm Manager for the Local Food Hub, and two members of the Have a Stake in the Market team, Natalie Roper and Carla Jones (who is also our Teaching Assistant!) shared their experiences with the class.

The Food and Nutrition class were back in the garden this morning gathering data for their final project. We’ll have photos of their garden adventures next week!

Walking through the bamboo forest.

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