Day 5: Farmers’ Market!

MSI students were up bright and early today for Charlottesville’s City Market. The Farmers’ Market class arrived at 6:00am to see the market being set up. They’ll be out there until the market closes down to observe vendors, customer behavior, and product variety among other things.

Cecile Gorham and Kathy Kildea of Market Central

The class also had the opportunity to talk with several members of the Board of Directors of Market Central. Cecile Gorham and Kathy Kildea elaborated on the new canning program, the Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour, and how SNAP benefits work at the market.

Yong Shin and Rachel Locke – students of the Food & Nutrition class.

The Food & Nutrition class arrived a little later but were also on the prowl for research. Students will compare produce prices to study competition at the market and are also keeping their eyes out for any bug damage on veggies and fruits as a part of their ongoing pest project.

The market was full of berries, early summer vegetables, cheese, flowers, and our students! Having class on a Saturday isn’t too bad when you’re in such a fun and delicious place.

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