Day 7: Morven Pastimes

We’re officially starting the countdown to final presentations – only 2 more full days to go! After the morning session, everyone joined together for lunch to hear from our special guest, David J. Wood Jr.

Mr. Wood spent a lot of time at Morven throughout the last century – his aunt was the wife of Whitney Stone who inherited the property from Charles Stone in 1941. He just so happens to be one of our student’s grandfather and he was happy to tell us all about his memories of Morven. We sat in the Meeting Barn which we later found out was called the “Ride and Drive” back in the day as it housed horses and carriages. The Meeting Barn has surely changed but the tradition of naming Morven buildings after their function has apparently lived on. Mr. Wood reminisced about turkey hunting, fishing on a float boat, and riding bareback on an 18 hand horse named Country. He repeatedly called Morven a ‘paradise’ and although it was raining outside, many would likely agree with him. We’ve always heard about the history of Morven but it was even more interesting to hear personal anecdotes from those who have spent time here in the past.

Mr. Wood tells us about Morven’s past.

When asked about his vision for Morven, Mr. Wood was intent on the land being restored to a working farm — a tradition which had been in place at Morven since the 1800’s! Though horses and cattle may no longer grace Morven’s fields, projects like the 1-acre Morven Kitchen Garden are small steps towards reclaiming the deep agricultural history of this unique property.

Generations of the Wood Family: Waverly and her grandfather, David Wood Jr.

In other news, we had even more guest speakers at the Farmers Market class today – we love guest speakers! Richard McCarthy returned today joined by another New Orleanian, Darlene Wolnik. Darlene is the 2012 Board President of the Community Food Security Coalition and an independent researcher and trainer for markets. You can check out her blog, Helping Public Markets Grow, to find out more about her work. We also had Bernadine Prince, the President of the Farmers Market Coalition Board of Directors and the co-director and co-founder of FRESHFARM talk about her work in expanding and operating markets in the Washington, DC area.

Lots of people are coming out to see, experience, and share ideas at Morven – this is what it’s all about!

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