Day 8: Bread and Butter… and Beyond

Martha Stafford, owner of the Charlottesville Cooking School, returned today to lead a cooking workshop and demonstration for Block B. After giving a short talk on the importance of cooking and eating seasonally, Martha led a hands-on workshop in tasting and experimenting with food. Each student got a pat of butter, bread, radish slices, and assorted herbs and seasonings – cilantro, basil, chives, sesame seeds, ginger, yum!

Everyone had fun smelling, tasting, and mixing flavors!

Martha had the group smell and taste each ingredient on its own to help develop the palette. Students then combined their favorite flavors into a compound butter and made mini sandwiches with a simple slice of bread, radish slices, and the butter. What a healthy and delicious snack!

A student shows off his delectable creation.

After the workshop, we headed into the kitchen for a short cooking demonstration. Martha taught us about the simple art of making a French-style omelette and hopefully dispelled some of the fear about getting hands-on in the kitchen. Who knows, perhaps a few more omelettes will be made tonight for dinner by inspired students.

Martha Stafford demonstrates the proper way to beat eggs.

Only one more full day of class! It’s hard to believe how fast two weeks go by.

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