Day 9: Almost There

It’s the last full day of class for Block B – students can see the light at the end of the tunnel with final projects due tomorrow. It was a beautiful and balmy morning out in the garden, so the Food & Nutrition class took the chance to finish up some research for their presentations.

What a great morning to be out in the garden!

Meanwhile, the Farmers Market class listened to their final guest speaker, Beth Meyer who is a distinguished professor of Landscape Architecture at UVA. Professor Meyer’s graduate studio explored three proposed permanent sites for the Charlottesville City Market and how to create an appealing public space that feels inviting to all demographics. It was very interesting to see both the advantages and disadvantages of each site and how to use a space’s unique characteristics to create a sense of place. You can learn more about Beth’s extensive work here.

Beth Meyer describes her students’ studio projects.

During the lunch hour, we had another special guest out at Morven, but for this guest being here isn’t uncommon as he lives on the property! John Simon, Executive Vice President and Provost of UVA, joined us for a lunchtime chat about his experience living at Morven. Students were excited to share their ideas with the Provost about how Morven can become an integral part of education at the University.

John Simon, Executive Vice President and Provost of UVA

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