It’s Day 10…

It’s our final day of the Morven Summer Institute! It’s been an action-packed and fun-filled four weeks. Everyone joined together at the Main House to present their final projects after class wrap-up this morning and a lunch break on the veranda. We were lucky enough to get a gorgeous day and took advantage of the expansive views from the Main House.

All of the final presentations were really interesting and well thought out. The Farmers Market students each chose a farmers market in the region and developed research questions and an implementation plan to collect data for their market research. The Food and Nutrition students chose topics of their interest that relate to the course’s themes. Both classes will be writing papers over the weekend expanding on their presentation topics. Here’s the full list of students’ presentations:

  • Allison Spain – Norton Farmers Market (Southwest Virginia)
  • Whitney Armstrong – Is Organic Really Better?
  • Mark Delpierre – Williamsburg Farmers Market
  • Rachel Locke – Through the Monsanto Lens: Legal Examples and Their Implications
  • Waverly Wood – West Baltimore Farmers Market
  • Cara Linnenkohl – Is Biotechnology more beneficial than Organic Agriculture?
  • Victoria Young – South of the James Market (Richmond, VA)
  • Madison Jones – The Green Revolution: How it has affected meat consumption in the 20th Century
  • James Yu – Charlottesville City Market
  • Paul Ruess – Irrigation: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Sydney Shivers – South of the James Market (Richmond, VA)
  • Amber Plair – The E.U. Regulation of GM Food
  • James Gray – Growing the Local Food Sector in Fluvanna County
  • Samantha Taggart – A Sustainable Future for the World’s Fisheries
  • Catherine Martin – Charlottesville City Market
  • Margaret Gelburd – Connecting the Dots Between Agriculture and Chronic Poverty
  • Libby Lyon – Del Ray Farmers Market (Alexandria, VA)
  • Rebecca Hinch – What Would Happen if all the Meat in the U.S. was Organic?
  • Navona Gallegos – The Role of Ruminant Livestock in Future Food Security
  • Yong Shin – White Rice vs. Brown Rice
  • Nancy Tappan – Oregon City Farmers Market

For the past four weeks, Morven has been abuzz with students learning, exploring, researching, and having fun – we’re going to miss them! The second session of MSI was better than we could’ve imagined – we hope you’ll join us next year for MSI 3.0!

The students and professors of Block B.

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