These are a few of my favorite things…

…about the Morven Summer Institute!

Spring has sprung here in Charlottesville and it has put me in a daydreamin’ mood! And what might I be daydreaming about, you ask? Well the fun times I had last summer at the Morven Summer Institute, of course!

Here are a few of my favorite memories from the time I spent at MSI last summer (my “Top Ten”, if you will):

10. Arriving at Morven on the first day of class and realizing that everyone there was so pumped about what we were going to be learning for the next ten days! Quite contrary to a more typical first day of class where all anyone seems to care about is how the grades will be distributed… 😉

9. Taking a “mindfulness” class on the second day of class that really showed me how much of the richness of life that we can miss if we fail to pay attention to the little things! Be in the moment, it’s a wonderful thing!

8. Playing frisbee at lunch with all of my fellow MSI classmates! What a fun bunch!

7. Getting up at 6:45am to go volunteer in the Morven Kitchen Garden before class! But really, you aren’t truly awake until you’ve seen one of the breathtaking sunrises above the Morven property.

6. Hiking to Japan! Well, not the real country but something very close! Morven has a Japanese garden complete with an authentic Japanese tea house right on the property!

5. Taking a trip to the farmers market with the whole Morven Summer Institute student body!

Fun people + fresh veggies = all smiles

4. Getting up close and personal with the fruits and vegetables in the kitchen garden to look for plant-eating insects!

3. Being able to choose a topic for our final paper that I was so excited to do the research for!

2. Listening to UVA Provost, John Simon, speak to the MSI students! What a nice man!

1. Having the birds and the bees and the wind in the trees to accompany our class discussions every day. Way cool.

I am SO glad I participated in the Morven Summer Institute. It will forever be one of the highlights of my college experience.

-Samantha Taggart

UVA Class of 2014

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