Day 4: Getting Fancy in the Main House

Salutations, friends!

Yes today we’re saying “salutations” instead of “hello,” because — in the words of a friendly spider from Charlotte’s Web — “Salutations is my fancy way of saying hello.” 🙂

Today the Farmers Market course met in the main house at Morven and, let me tell you, that place is snazzy! We put on our best duds and sharpest thinking caps to have class this historic and beautiful house this afternoon.


The Main House at Morven.

Bernadine (Bernie) Prince, VP of the Board of Directors for the Farmers Market Coalition, came to talk to the Farmers Market class today about her work with FRESHFARM markets and organizing markets around the wider Washington D.C./MD/VA area.FRESHFARM markets works to promote markets for local food in the Chesapeake Bay region.

“Heaven and Earth never agreed better to frame a place for Man’s habitation.” — John Smith on the Chesapeake Bay, circa 1612

Bernie also joined us in having lunch outside on the lovely porch at the main house (see below).


The Farmers Market class enjoying an outdoor lunch on the porch of the main house.

Since there hasn’t really been a good place to point them out in this blog yet…I’d like to take a moment to introduce you (though pictures) to a few Morven and MSI folks that have been around for these last few weeks (and some for the past 2 or so decades)…

From left to right: Emily Sydnor, Paul Freedman, and (me) Samantha Taggart.

From left to right: Emily Sydnor (MSI coordinator), Paul Freedman (MSI professor), and Samantha Taggart (i.e. me – MSI intern).

Andy Wyland (Landscape/Property Supervisor at Morven) and me.

Andy Wyland (Landscape/Property Supervisor at Morven) and me.

They call him yellow cat... :)

People call him “yellow cat”… 🙂

Many more introductions to come in the next few blogposts!

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