Day 5: Trip to the Charlottesville Farmers Market


PLAC 5500: Farmers Markets and Applied Food Systems Research class (& friends) at the Charlottesville Farmers Market last Saturday.
Photo Credit: Kathy Kildea

Last Saturday, both classes from the Morven Summer Institute ventured out early (some at 6am!) to the Charlottesville Farmers Market to collect data that will aid in their research projects in their classes this week at Morven.

Students from the Food and Nutrition course collected data about the factors that go into the pricing and advertisement of different vendors at the market. They looked at such factors as presentation, variety, “localness” around the greater Albemarle area, and farmer-customer interactions. They focused on four in-season crops at the market: onions, radishes, strawberries, and snap peas.

Meanwhile, students from the Farmers’ Market Research class went around the market conducting a survey of vendors and customers, to collect information about areas in which the Farmers Market could be improved.

Pretty neat stuff going on out here at the Summer Institute!

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