Day 11: Congratulations MSI Block B Students — You Did It!

After three days of pretty much continuous rain here at Morven, the skies are finally clearing up and the sun it poking it’s head out of the clouds! And what better timing than for our final day at the 2013 Morven Summer Institute!

MSI Block B Students, Staff, and Faculty.

MSI Block B Students, Staff, and Faculty.

Today we are treated to 12 final presentations from the students of Block B of MSI. Student presentations from the Food and Nutrition class will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the American obesity epidemic to genetic modification of crops to food deserts. The students of the Farmers Market Research class will be presenting on a number of Farmers Markets throughout Virginia.

The line-up for presentations is…

Chris Cempre´ – The Link of Wheat to Obesity: Fact or Fiction?

Bethany Gordon – The South of the James Farmer’s Market Mobility Research Initiative

Emily Caccamo – A Proposal for how America can Simultaneously Cut CO2 Emissions and National Average BMI

Cameron Langille – Yorktown Market Days

Allison Rhea – Dangers of Overuse of Pesticides on Large-Scale Farms: Can current efficiency lead to future sustainability?

Carli Goldberg – SEED

Charlie Garcia – Food Production and the One Child Policy

Adam Rosen – Charlottesville City Market: Discovering Physical Market Preferences

Kelly Mill – Location, Location, Location: Targeting Food Deserts to Halt the Obesity Epidemic

Hannah Morgan – The Economic Impact of the Charlottesville City Market: A Research Proposal

Food and Nutrition In a Changing World Joint Class Presentation – How to Sell at a Farmers Market

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you all and your many intellectual strengths! I hope everyone enjoyed the Morven Summer Institute, I certainly did!

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