Block A Mid Point

It is officially mid-term season for the first batch of MSI students!

Well, kind of. Because MSI is a 10-day semester, there isn’t really time for mid-terms per say, but by this point, all of the students have started working on their final projects. Here are a few pictures of Professor Lerdau’s class working on their experiments in the Kitchen Garden before the holiday weekend:


I also know that Professor Louis’s students have a few presentations later this week. I’ll include some of those pictures later.

Also before the holiday weekend, we had a screening of the documentary Fed Up in the movie theater at the Meeting Barn. What a great film! However, I’ve made a mental note that this is not the most uplifting film to show before a weekend notorious for barbecues and cook-outs.IMG_0934IMG_0938

The snacks were specifically chosen to be ironic… It was strange to be eating M&Ms, Oreos, Twizzlers and very buttery popcorn while learning all about what sugar does not only to our individual bodies but also to our country’s health as a whole. For me, it actually helped make the message of the film resonate even more since I could feel my sugar levels spike as Katie Couric, the film’s narrator, discussed the way our bodies digest such sugars. It made the experience multi-sensory.

The film also talked about the way that unhealthy processed foods are cleverly incorporated into every moment of our lives. TV ads, celebrity endorsements, vending machines, toys, clothes, convenience stores, school lunches… At this point, we can never escape the marketing of food corporations. And we become targets at a very young age. I thought this provoked an interesting question about the morality of marketing to children. In fact, one of the most memorable lines of the film came from McDonald’s Corp representative Shelley Rosen who defended her brand saying, “Ronald McDonald never sells to children. He informs and inspires through magic and fun.” I’ll let you decide that one for yourself…

Anyway, today we had a tour of the Japanese Garden. I’ll make that a separate post, but here are a few previews from the walk-thru Rebecca, Maria and I did before students arrived. We love the tranquility of this place!IMG_0854IMG_0855

Talk to you soon,