Students? Or Budding Photographers?

Hi everyone,

Since we last spoke with you, we took a field trip to the Charlottesville City Market, had a cooking demonstration with Martha Stafford of the Charlottesville Cooking School and most recently, watched Fed Up and had a BBQ provided by A Taste of Home Southern Cuisine. It’s been a busy few days… And on top of all of that, the students are busy forming their research projects on farmers markets across Virginia. They’ll be presenting their findings tomorrow. We’re excited to share some here.

Most remarkably, we’ve had some outstanding participation in our photo contest. The winner, like last time, receives a Morven care package including: Morven honey, Morven Kitchen Garden produce, flowers from the formal gardens, a Whole Foods gift card AND a free meal at Chipotle. Take a look at the entries we’ve received so far and you’ll understand why we’re having such a hard time choosing a winner. Plus, the students still have until midnight today to send us their photos.

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