MSI 2015 Wrap-Up


Overall, this year’s program was a great success! In short, we had:

  • Four flash seminars (man, this was a long time ago)
  • Three classes: Farmer’s Markets, Food Politics and Research Methods; Agro-Ecology; and Sustainability and Human Needs
  • 40 students (15 in Block A, 25 in Block B)
  • Three times the amount of scholarship funds (Yay, local sponsors!!)
  • Three scholarship winners
  • Two photo contests with over 60 entries!
  • One feature by a local news station, NBC29
  • Two cooking demonstrations
  • Two mindfulness sessions
  • Two Fed Up Screenings
  • Too much rain and hot weather
  • Lots of reading, learning, exploring, eating and fun

We look forward to another great program next year. Until then…


I’d personally like to thank Maria Rincon, Paul Freedman, Manuel Lerdau, Garrick Louis, Whitney Farmer, Rebecca Deeds, Neal Halvorson-Taylor, Emily Salle, Tom Jackson and Rachel Miller for all of their help putting on this year’s MSI! You are all such hardworking and inspiring people.

Signing off,