Block B Classes

Block B is June 2-June 13 and features two classes: Global Health Policy and Practice and Sustainability and Human Needs.

Global Health Policy and Practice (PHS 5184) is taught by Professor Rebecca Dillingham. This class will explore the topic of Global Health and assess how individuals, organizations, and the government became involved in Global Health as well as the ways in which each of these are involved.

Sustainability and Human Needs (STS 3500/SYS 4502) is taught by Professor Garrick Louis. This class focuses on answering the question: What is a sustainable quality of life or standard of living? It will compare consumption in industrialized countries to that of emerging countries. The class will look at sustainability in terms of basic human needs as well the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. The class will also look into the costs of achieving these goals.

Don’t forget sign up for MSI classes starts tomorrow on UVA SIS.

Block A Classes

In Block A (May 19- May 30) Morven will be offering two classes: Farmers Market, Food Politics and Research Methods (PLAP 4500) as well as Agro Ecology (EVSC 4559)

Farmers Market, Food Politics and Research Methods is taught by Professor Paul Friedman and looks into the politics of Food and Food Systems with a main focus on farmers markets. The students will do research into what role farmers markets play in the American Food System as well Local and Federal legislation that effects farmers markets. This class will provide students with the opportunity to intern with the Virginia farmers market.

Agro Ecology is taught by Professor Manual Lerdau. This class will look at different ways of using the ecological theory to improve agriculture. It will integrate the biology of crops into an ecological view of growth and production. The class will look at traditional and modern breeding approaches as well as the roles of economic and sociocultural factors in designing ecologically aware agricultural systems.


Don’t forget to sign up for these classes as well as Block B classes on April 14 and 15 through SIS!!

A Little History of Morven

With registration for summer classes just around the corner here is a little history of Morven that might spark your interest. The land that Morven lays on today was originally given to William Champe Carter in 1730. In 1795 Thomas Jefferson purchased the piece of property for his “adopted son” Colonel William Short. Once purchasing the property Jefferson managed the grounds and constructed the Claim House in 1796. In 1813 Jefferson deeded the property to a man by the name of David Higginbotham. Higginbotham renamed the property “Morven” and constructed the main house that still stands today. Throughout the years Morven changed hands many times before John Kluge purchased the estate. In 2001 Kluge donated Morven to the University of Virginia. The gift consisted of 7,379 acres. The University sold off parts of the estate but still holds 2,913 acres. There are many different projects happening at Morven today, one of which includes the Morven Summer Institute. MSI is a rigorous “May Term” which gives the student unique hands on experience in their field of interest. Registration for The Morven Summer Institute begins April 14 and 15 through SIS!

MSI info session on April 10th!

Exploring the Japanese Gardens at Morven

Wednesday, April 10th @ 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Clark Hall, Room 107

Delicious snacks will be provided.

At this info-session, you will:

  • Meet the stellar cast of Summer Institute professors
  • Learn more about the history of UVA’s Morven Farm
  • Hear testimonies from last year’s Summer Institute students
  • Take a glimpse at the daily schedule and program highlights 

For full course descriptions, see Morven’s page on the Summer Session website.

To apply, fill out the following application: Morven Summer Institute 2013.

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Students from all years, departments, and other universities are welcome to join the Morven community for this unique program.

Please contact Michelle Rehme ( with any additional questions.

Apply NOW for the 2013 Morven Summer Institute!

mkg1While we may still be in the throes of winter, here at Morven we already have our sights set on Summer — and we are eager to announce that applications are now OPEN for the 2013 Morven Summer Institute!

With an exciting line-up of four courses focused on sustainability, food systems, policy, environmental science, and community planning — plus a thriving 1-acre kitchen garden, guest speakers, field trips, and much more — the Summer Institute is surely the best way to earn 3 credits in 10 days (or 6 credits in 20 days!), all on UVA’s beautiful Morven Farm.

To read more about this year’s stellar courses, dates, tuition, and application — visit the UVA Summer Session website or the Morven website.

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For specific questions, feel free to contact Michelle: or call 314-369-8140.